KLM’s warm bottle campaign

In the cold winter, for most Chinese people, a cup of hot water is an extremely ordinary demand. While in foreign countries? In many western cities where hot water is not easily accessible, can they still enjoy so? Of course. In this winter, we created an exclusive warm-hearted heating bottles especially for Chinese passengers, and set up an big intelligent hot water installation in Schiphol Airport to deliver careful service in the destination. Passengers could not only enjoy hot water service when arriving in Amsterdam, but also can easily and conveniently drink hot water during the whole journey---Upgrade the carings, send out the warmth.

•Using USB to heat directly •Anti-scald with double vacuum body •KLM special pattern design

China new fare option

The arrangement of providing heating bottles and warm waters at airport arrival place win lots of praise of Chinese passengers. They are all happy and shot lots of photos to leave a special memories in their Journey. In the future, we will keep providing more surprising and caring service.

This is how KLM Royal Dutch airlines show our carings. Wherever you are, there is always a bottle of warmth on the go.

We will follow-up for the next round booking of free warm-hearted heating bottles, and keep holding warm-hearted activities. Please follow our official WeChat and stay tuned.